First and Emergency Aid

Aim of the Program
The program aims to train students through right education and produce well qualified and highly competent healthcare professionals who are able to offer lifesaving emergency first aid to sick persons or to victims of home, occupation and traffic accidents, and with a full-equipped ambulance, refer the patient to the right hospital on the right time without harming the victim. The Emergency Medical Technicians are responsible for managing the pre-hospital treatment, care and movement of patients to hospital without unnecessary delay. This often requires taking potentially life-saving decisions. They are required to work closely with other healthcare professionals and emergency services and are therefore required to be highly trained and skilled in all aspects of pre-hospital care.

The vision of the First and Emergency Aid program is to be a leading program in training students at international standards and produce highly trained, high-caliber Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who are capable of adopting to changing health conditions and equipped with communication skills and knowledge of social responsibilities and able to take effective responsibility and life saving decisions in emergency incidents. It is fundamental to provide the students with adequate professional training necessary for a career in the field and contribute them to be prone to teamwork and to be creative, effective, problem-solving and highly trained and skilled professionals in all aspects of pre-hospital care.

Job Opportunities
The graduates from the Department of First and Emergency Aid can be employed in the following medical facilities.

  1. Private Medical Facilities
  2. Ministry of Health
  3. Private Hospitals/Clinics
  4. Public Hospitals/Clinics
  5. Private/Public Medical Imaging Centers
  6. Statutory ambulance services that respond to emergency incidents
  7. Private ambulance services that respond to emergency incidents
  8. Self-employment opportunities