Aim of the Program
The program aims to train students through right education and produce well qualified and highly competent Anesthesia Technicians equipped with adequate knowledge to work in collaboration with the anesthetist as a vital member of the anesthesia team and able to focus on fundamental and advanced clinical procedures in assisting safe and efficient patient-care during the preoperative preparation, anesthetics administration and Reanimation period.

In view of the dynamic changes in the healthcare conditions involving medical, social, cultural and ethical aspects of patient care, the vision of the Anesthesia program is to be a leading program in training students at international standards and produce highly trained, high-caliber Anesthesia Technicians who are capable of adopting to changing health conditions and equipped with communication skills and knowledge of social responsibilities. The program places strong emphasis upon professionalism in anesthesia training and practice. It is fundamental to provide the students with adequate professional skills in order to contribute them to be prone to teamwork and to be creative, effective, problem-solving and highly trained and skilled professionals who are equipped with extensive knowledge of anesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies, and technology, and able to prepare equipment needed for the patient to safely undergo anesthesia, prepare a range of devices to maintain the patient’s airway, prepare intravenous drugs and intravenous therapy administration equipment, and thus assist the Anesthetist.

Job Opportunities
Students who will be graduated from the Department of Anesthesia are likely to be employed in the following medical facilities:

  1. Ministry of Health
  2. Self-employment jobs
  3. Private Hospitals / Clinics
  4. State Hospitals and Clinics
  5. Private / Public Medical Imaging Centers