Medical Imaging Techniques

Job Opportunities
Students are required to be successful in technical and practical oriented courses that offered in two-year education program to be graduated as Health Technician. The aim of the program is to train the students theoretically and practically, and produce technical and research specialists mainly in radiological sciences, medical imaging, medical radiological technology, and clinical practice. Through the right training, students are equipped with good abilities to practice radiological and imaging technology.

Medical imaging is actually an umbrella term that encompasses a number of different job titles. Students with the right training programs are expected to have a great professional future in medical imaging. For the graduates, jobs are available in all hospitals with radiology departments and centers with imaging facilities, private clinics, and government facilities. In the line with the increase in the number of such health institutions, the need for trained professionals in hospitals and private imaging centers is increasing, too. Apart from public institutions, private hospitals and polyclinics constitute an important employment alternative for the graduates